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Install and configure i-lign on Windows 2012

Instructions for installing the i-lign server stack on a Windows 2012 server.


  • i-lign 6.0 or later. These instructions will not work for earlier i-lign releases.

Global Application Configuration

To best serve your organisation, the i-lign software needs to be configured to suit the requirements of your organisation and of the region within which you are operating.

Setting up new users in i-lign

To create new users in i-lign, go to Launch > New Resource

Minimum requirements are Resource Type, Display name, Default calendar, Security Role, User Name and initial password. All other fields are optional and can be updated after the person is set up.

For consistency, we recommend user names follow the same convention as your network logins.

For a description of what functionality each resource type can access, go to Jump To > Set-up & Configuration > Resource Type.