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Creating & Editing Items in the Gantt Chart

Use the Gantt Chart to quickly and easily build up your Project.

Working with Tasks and Milestones in the Gantt Chart

Create a Summary Task and create and delete Constraints on Tasks and Milestones.

Assigning Constraints to Tasks & Milestones in the Gantt Chart

In i-lign's Gantt Chart, Constraints let you link Tasks and Milestones to each other so that in the event of schedule changes, start and end dates are automatically calculated.

Create, Assess & Resolve Project Change Requests

All projects are subject to changes, often in respect to budget, schedule and scope. Changes that are not managed may place a project at risk.

Using the Funding Allocations tab

The Funding Allocations tab, one of the eight Project Financials tabs, shows Project Managers where the money allocated to their Project has come from.

Receiving Project Timesheet Notification Emails

If you're a Project Manager and your organisation has elected to use i-lign Timesheets, you have the option of being emailed Timesheet Notifications only for those people whom you have not assigned to the Project.

What happens when I hit the Refresh button in the Gantt Chart?

The Refresh button is to the right of the Save button on the Gantt Chart toolbar.

Using 'Start Milestones'

A Start Milestone lets you push out the start date of a Task or Task Pool without having to create a generic Milestone and then link it to the Task or Task Pool.

How do I change my User Settings?

You can access and change your password, calendar, i-lign 'skin' and other preferences at any time.

Change details of items in the Gantt Chart

You can edit items in the Gantt Chart by right-clicking on their name and editing, or by changing their details in the Gantt's table columns. You can also change their planned dates by moving them on the timeline.