The Facebook effect

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In a CIO article Davina Paredes talks about the Facebook effect.

Some of the early reflections in the article are intriguing.

Mark McDonald, group vice president, head of research at Gartner Executive programmes says ‘Anything you do can be copied, your organisation, your structure…there is only one thing that can’t be copied and is truly unique – it is you, all of your peers, your customers, your suppliers, all the interaction and information between them. The social organisation has the ability to take that energy and amplify corporate performance.’

Andrew Rowsell, vice president and research director at Gartner thinks ‘the next opportunity for networked enterprises will be to use social technology to solve complex problems.’

I think these reflections are gold nuggets of management.

Senior management teams too often get bogged down in the minutiae of day-to-day management – the processes, rules and methodologies they are familiar with. Strategic planning exercises also focus on areas over which you have too little control such as the externalities in the marketplace and competitors. Many teams are now talking about organisational transformation but seem reluctant to codify their thinking in strategic drivers that explicitly signal that transformation to those most affected by it and most influential in making it successful – their people.

So coming back to the reflections at the beginning of this blog…at i-lign our management is based around our people using ideas and conversations online to initiate and progress work. The transformation since we started working this way – a few months back – has been quite remarkable. Everyone in the office is much better informed and is focused on rapid, high-quality delivery. Productivity and morale have gone through the roof. People are now taking the lead on all manner of things from leading a development initiative to constructing and managing key strategic initiatives. We are solving some very complex problems for ourselves and our customers by continually thinking outside the square - this is invigorating - this is why we come to work.  We are now working as a real team and it feels great. We compete with lots of providers in the marketplace but none of them can emulate the way we work and the spirit we bring to every engagement.  

There’s a lot of truth in the statement ‘take care of your people and the work takes care of itself’. The one thing I’d add is let your people also take care of you….the benefits of that are extraordinary.