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The i-lign network supports our customers and partners in their interaction with us and each other. It's a space for conversations - serious or light-hearted. It is all about sharing.

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Press Release: i-lign secures Callaghan Innovation R & D Growth Funding
the i-lign team 1 week 3 days ago
6 Series - Final Touches

The 6 Series has been a period of significant transformation for the product. The architecture introduced in release v6.0 (...

the i-lign team 1 week 3 days ago
Release v6.10 Announcement

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of v6.10. The target release date is Sunday 21 December...

the i-lign team 3 weeks 5 days ago
Programme Security Update Notes - v6.10

A major focus of the 6.10 release is an improvement to Programme Security. This improvement means that visibility and control...

the i-lign team 3 weeks 5 days ago
Preview: Project Page Updates

This post explains the changes we're making to the project page in the next release. The changes themselves are described...

the i-lign team 4 weeks 3 days ago
Reporting Workshop Report

Tuesday's Reporting workshop was a very productive conversation that covered a number of areas related to reporting. We...

New Zealand User Group 5 weeks 2 days ago
November User Group Agenda

The November User Group will be focussed on showing the new project tasking improvements, new programme functionality and risk...

New Zealand User Group 6 weeks 1 day ago
Release v6.9.1 Announcement

We will be releasing v6.9.1 on Sunday 9th November. This release fixes three minor issues that have been reported by customers...

the i-lign team 6 weeks 2 days ago
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