i-lign 7.1 Announcement

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i-lign 7.1 will be released later this month. This post describes the significant improvements that come with it. As usual there'll be a preview release for customers to test drive the changes; please contact us if you'd like to preview the release.

Home Page Improvements

The home page has had significant 'under the hood' improvements. The result is a faster loading page, that puts less load the i-lign server, and is consistent with our 7 series look and feel. We also took the opportunity to make some usability tweaks:

  • 'My List' is now fully in the control of the user - new items are no longer automatically added. New items now appear with a 'new' tag in their appropriate category. Any categories with new items are highlighted in a similar manner to an email inbox.
  • Item detail pages can now be navigated to with a single click. There is no need to click an item and wait for the side panel view to load. The same also applies to item context menus ('functions').
  • All 'items needing attention' categories have been consolidated into a single category and moved towards the top of the list.
  • Timesheets can be approved with a single click.

Configuration Improvements

The business configuration pages have been consolidated to a single page, and the configuration options are now grouped by context rather than type. This means that, for example, all change request configuration options (status, type, severity, custom fields) are grouped together in one place. Also, the group titles have been changed to align with the language used in the project app ('management items', 'governance', etc).

Custom Field Alignment

All risk types and decision types each use the same set of custom fields. Also, custom fields have been added to change requests.

New Review History Extract

Review histories are now available as a data extract.

Project Bookmarks Reinstated

This feature that was removed in 7.0 has been brought back. Projects can be bookmarked via the bookmark menu.

New Timesheet Notifications

The system can be configured to send a notification to timesheet approvers who have pending approvals that have been waiting for more than a specified number of days.

Of course there many other minor improvements and bug fixes, release notes with all details will be published closer to the release date. If you have any questions about the release please contact us via support@ilign.com.