i-lign 7.2 Release Announcement

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i-lign 7.2 will be released on the evening of 13 December 2015. This post describes some of the notable changes coming in it. As usual, we can provide a preview release to test drive the changes, please contact us if you would like to view a preview.

Home Page improvements.

Following on from the changes in our last release, 7.2 introduces two new additions to the user's homepage.

  • Lists can now be sorted alphabetically or by status.
  • Project tasks are now ordered alphabetically in people's timesheets.

Deliverable improvements.

Deliverables have 3 improvements in 7.2, which positions the deliverables feature to be the link between value and delivery aspects of i-lign. Part of the upcoming development focus is creating distinct views to differentiate between the "what" and "why" of work.

  • Status options and mandatory due dates have now been added.
  • Project and programme deliverables functionality has been better aligned.
  • Deliverables now have custom fields available.

Tasking improvements.

  • Resource allocations are now displayed for the duration of the project (was previously 6 weeks).
  • People can now be assigned to duration and effort based tasks at 0%. This simplifies planning and better supports pull based workflows.

Two new columns have been added to the tasking table view and task details view

  • An estimated remaining effort column.
  • A estimated cost and estimated remaining cost column.


  • PDF reports now have a "compact" option to reduce amount of paper (and screen room) required.
  • New filters are available for deliverables.