i-lign 7.3 Release Announcement

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i-lign is pleased to announce the release of version 7.3.0. Hosted customers will be upgraded during the evening on Sunday 6th March. Release notes are included below, please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

i-lign v7.3 highlights:

  • A new Project Status sub-report is available.
  • Primary reports can be flagged to show at the top of list of reports.
  • Ideas have new filters and can be browsed on a user's home page.
  • Ideas are owned business groups and can be managed in the group app.
  • Concepts have an activity log.
  • Partner organisations can be categorized.
  • Simplified language for deliverables and resource groups.




  • [PW-8761] - Risk History replaced by Risk Activity Log
  • [PW-8866] - Links can now be included in strategic driver description fields
  • [PW-8920] - Home App - Focus maintained when navigating timesheets
  • [PW-8925] - Business Groups - Only structural teams may have folders
  • [PW-8935] - Home App - Remembers which tab you were last on
  • [PW-8945] - Home App - Conversations are filterable by status
  • [PW-8958] - Business Groups - Partner organisations have a 'Category' field
  • [PW-8965] - Financials - Import executes asynchronously (requires IE10+)
  • [PW-8966] - Group App - Ideas belong to a group and can be viewed by group
  • [PW-8974] - Business Groups - All instances have a 'root' business group
  • [PW-8978] - Extracts - Project status column has been added to Project Custom Fields extract
  • [PW-8984] - Reports - New 'Project Status' sub-report
  • [PW-8989] - Project App - Milestone table shows planned and actual dates
  • [PW-8994] - Custom fields can be archived
  • [PW-8995] - Business Groups - Deleted ideas are logged
  • [PW-9000] - Reports - New PDF options: landscape/portrait and, download or save to project
  • [PW-9021] - Projects - Child projects must belong to the same programme as their parent
  • [PW-9024] - 'Key Deliverable' renamed to 'Deliverable'
  • [PW-9026] - Concepts have an activity log
  • [PW-9032] - Reports - Primary reports can be marked and show at top of report list
  • [PW-9034] - Deliverables - All types may have a category
  • [PW-9037] - Issues can be closed regardless of review date
  • [PW-9047] - Home App - new ideas tab
  • [PW-9056] - Reports - 'Resources with more than a specific amount of allocated hours' downloadable in csv format


  • [PW-8975] - Authorisation error when user clicks resource from organisation stakeholder list
  • [PW-8987] - Timesheets - Manage timesheet popups failing in IE11 & Microsoft Edge
  • [PW-8992] - Financials - Income account line items incorrectly flip debit/credit flag
  • [PW-8998] - Home App - Scroll bar for item list is not visible
  • [PW-9001] - Project App - Viewing, editing and deleting final review of a project fails
  • [PW-9002] - Reports - Group Selection on Resource Report taking user to the selected team folder page
  • [PW-9009] - Project App - Finance data can throw an error when view monthly data is selected
  • [PW-9010] - Custom fields cannot be added to Programmes
  • [PW-9011] - Concept - list by 'Sortable Table' shows debug data
  • [PW-9013] - Governance Tab in Delivery - navigating to Final Review details or Edit page results in System Error
  • [PW-9022] - Review PDF subreport filters do not populate with the correct options
  • [PW-9027] - Reports - Project issue detail report does not include issue history
  • [PW-9028] - Decisions - Edit screen displays closed date as '31/12/99'
  • [PW-9033] - Items to associate list doesn't include resolved Change Requests
  • [PW-9055] - Disabled links in Jump To are underlined when hovered over