i-lign 7.4 Release Announcement

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i-lign is pleased to announce the release of version 7.4. Hosted customers will be upgraded during the evening on Sunday 8th of May. Release notes are included below, please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

Value App

The new i-lign Value App prototype is the key offering in this release. 

The value management framework supports both decision-making and reporting and provides the critical evidence of organizational governance and performance.  Value includes ideas, business cases, prioritization, strategies, KPIs and benefits depicted in a range of reports and dashboards. Because it relates to any level of the business it becomes embedded into your organizational DNA.

Value is broken down by the following views:



You now have an overview of value at any level of your business.

Key dimensions here are cost and ownership of programs.





Investment View


You now have a single view of all potential new initiatives from any part of the business, their investment profiles and proposed benefits

This is about working on the right things.


Planning View

This view brings together existing projects and potential projects, and tracks the cost across  portfolios.  It supports approval of new initiatives within the context of existing work-plans.



Delivery View

This is a delivery overview - a single place to see programs, activities and projects.  It details all current work including projects with their latest status review and their timelines.




Benefits View

This view summarizes benefits attached to projects and programs.  It provides a single reference point to all benefits in the form of a benefits roadmap.






  • [PW-8982] - Project App - Planned effort/cost is displayed for summary tasks
  • [PW-9012] - Home App - New item status synchronized across all devices
  • [PW-9035] - Project Issue Register, Risk Register & Project Detail HTML Reports   have been replaced by custom reports
  • [PW-9038] - Value App - A new value-oriented view of programmes
  • [PW-9052] - Project App - Financial picture includes child project costs
  • [PW-9064] - Projects now have a hard-coded owner field
  • [PW-9067] - Activities now have managers and owners
  • [PW-9082] - Benefits can now have a qualitative gold/silver/bronze value ranking.
  • [PW-9085] - Business Groups - All teams must belong to a group
  • [PW-9093] - Configuration - Custom fields 'heading' column has been removed
  • [PW-9097] - Ideas no longer have a document library
  • [PW-9105] - Scrollbars are hidden when printing
  • [PW-9123] - Financials - Simpler financial year configuration
  • [PW-9133] - Draft concepts show up in the homepage
  • [PW-9137] - Timesheet link is now visible by default on the homepage of validators & delegates


Bug Fixes

  • [PW-9068] - Time Recording - Access denied when clicking on timesheet confirmation requested notification
  • [PW-9087] - Home App - Clicking on My list with no items always remembers the side panel of last viewed object
  • [PW-9099] - Reviews - Incorrect breadcrumb link was generated
  • [PW-9120] - Getting system error while selecting the 'Custom Fields List' link
  • [PW-9130] - Editing planned start task date with fixed effort task can sometimes fail with 'Planned end date is before the planned start date' msg
  • [PW-9131] - Some summary tasks dates imported from Microsoft Project aren't automatically updated when task dates edited
  • [PW-9140] - Parent Project no longer shows programmes
  • [PW-9154] - 'Unexpected Server Error-404' while selecting 'Funding Allocations' tab of project
  • [PW-9158] - Configuring Investment Profile sometimes failed with 403 errors
  • [PW-9174] - Financial dashboards - some cell backgrounds were black making the print unreadable
  • [PW-9177] - Deleting benefits with contributing measures sometimes failed with internal server error