i-lign 7.5 release announcement

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We're pleased to announce the release of version 7.5. Hosted customers will be upgraded during the evening on Sunday 23 October. Release notes are included below. Since the release of the preview, we’ve continued our testing of 7.5.  We’ll be on standby to do rapid point releases to fix any issues which arise. Please let us know if any bugs slip through.


As you'll be aware from previous blog posts, 7.5 involves reasonably significant changes. Underlying this release is the work we’re doing to organise i-lign around five integrated applications: Home, Delivery, Value, Group and System.  This release focuses on development of the Delivery and Value apps. It involves changes to the way you navigate around i-lign as well as changes to the functionality and usability of these two apps.  There are significant changes to Programmes, Activities and Business Services, which have now been aligned much more closely to Projects in these two apps.  We’ve also streamlined the way you manage people’s access to i-lign (security).

Overall navigation

We’ve made some changes to the layout of the top level navigation bar. We’ve introduced icons for the Jump and Launch tools and located them next to the other tools (bookmark and notifications). The link to the i-lign knowledge base has been relocated to the drop down box accessed from the Jump icon, to create space for these more frequently used tools. The rationale for moving the Launch and Jump tools to the right is to group the tools together.  It also frees up the left hand side for App related information.

Navigation to Delivery and Value apps

When you log into i-lign it lands in the Home app.  To navigate to the Delivery or Value app, first access the relevant content (eg Programme, Project, Concept) via the jump or bookmark icon or My work. Once you’ve accessed the relevant content, you use the toggle to move between the Delivery and Value apps. When you select Programmes, Portfolios or Concepts, the default landing is the Value app.  For Projects, Activities and Business Services the default landing is the Delivery app.





Hints for the Delivery and Value apps

We've updated the hints for the Delivery app and introduced hints for the Value app.  Access these hints via the question mark icon on the side panel on the right hand side of the screen.

What are the Delivery and Value apps?

The Delivery app is a tool for your project, programme and business service managers and their teams to manage day to day work. This is where you manage deliverables, schedules, tasks, financials, change requests, issues, risks etc.

The Value app is a tool for your business owners, managers, PMO team and stakeholders. It allows you to create and progress business cases (Concepts), to prioritise, plan and monitor delivery, and to assess benefits. It provides you a view of where value is being generated in the business and its cost. It tracks the status of initiatives so you can intervene when things don’t go to plan.

Delivery app


For projects, the key changes are:

  • Some content has been moved into the value app (Overview and Value tabs).
  • Some remaining content has been reorganised (Management tab has been replaced with two tabs: Summary and Registers).

Programmes, Activities and Business Services

The changes to these areas are more significant as they have been updated to align more closely with projects. Though the information may be presented differently, no functionality has been lost.

Programme screenshot:

Activity screenshot:

Business Service screenshot:

Value app

The same five tabs are visible in the Value app for both Programmes and Projects. Below are screenshots of each of these tabs at Programme level.

Overview screenshot:

Investment screenshot:

Planning screenshot:

Delivery screenshot:

Benefits screenshot:

Managing i-lign access

There are significant changes to the way you manage the content individual users have access to.  In i-lign you determine individual access by defining:

  • Their security roles at the organisational level.
  • Their access to specific initiatives at the initiative level.

Both of these processes have been simplified. See the attachment at the end of this post for notes on Managing i-lign access in i-lign 7.5.

Other improvements / Bug fixes

See here for information about other improvements and bug fixes.

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