i-lign 7.6 Release Information

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Hi there, this post outlines the key changes scheduled for release in i-lign 7.6 and our timetable for this. The release is smaller than 7.5 and focuses on portfolio improvements. If you’d like a preview of 7.6, please get in contact.

Release timetable

This release is relatively small both in terms of the number of changes and impact on the majority of your i-lign users. As a result the timeframe for release is shorter than for our previous release.

Portfolio improvements

You can now get much more powerful information on Portfolios via the Value App. These views are intended for Executive Teams, Managers and PMOs who want information on the value of particular groups of initiatives.  Executive Teams for example can access a value view of their strategic portfolios.  Managers can set up a Portfolio containing the initiatives they have accountability for.

To be able to set up portfolios, you need to be assigned the Portfolios: manage security flag listed in the Organisational security roles. To view portfolios, the Initiatives: view flag needs to be selected. (Jump to > Business configuration > Global > Organisation security roles)


































































Setting up a portfolio

To add a portfolio: launch > New Portfolio. Complete the following screen which pops up.

Other changes in 7.6

We’ve also made the following changes, mainly as a result of feedback from you.

Access to resource cost information & ability to override this

This flag enables you to determine who has access to resource cost information at an organisational level. Jump to > Business Configuration > Global > Organisation Security Roles.

You can also determine at an organisational level whether or not you want to allow Managers to be able to override resource costs for their initiative. Jump to > Business Configuration > Global > Organisation Settings. Scroll down to Project Settings and select the relevant option against Project Resource Cost Overrides.

Strategic drivers simplified

We’ve simplified strategic drivers by removing risks, decisions and benefits.  In their place are measures and the ability to add custom fields.  This work is to better reflect how strategic drivers are used in organisations.  Existing information will be migrated into measures (in the case of benefits) and custom fields (other existing information).

Decisions simplified

Decisions are now easier to use and view.

Full list of changes

See here for more information about other changes and bug fixes.