i-lign 8.1 initial information

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This post contains initial information on our plans for 8.1.  I’ll follow up with more specific release information once we have more detail to share with you. In the meantime please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

A clearer view of your organisational information

In 8.0 we brought your business groups and initiatives together into one hierarchy.  In i-lign 8.1 we’ll build on this, particularly in relation to organisational level information such as strategic drivers and KPIs.

Organisation Dashboards will be replaced by an Organisation Overview. This will take you to your highest level Business Group, which contains the view of your organisation as a whole.  See below for a mock-up of the screens which are likely to change.  Existing information not included in the new tabs will be available under the Dashboards dropdown box. Other likely changes include being able to link individual projects to Strategic Drivers and replacing current Strategic Folders with Categories.

Overview tab

Overview tab small

Strategy tab

This new tab will provide a simple, graphic view of how organisational KPIs are tracking and which initiatives are contributing to them.

Strategy tab small

Structure tab

This new tab will provide you with a view of all of all your initiatives, business groups and teams in one place.  It will replace current hierarchical views of this information such as the Programme List and the Business Groups >Structural Teams tab.   See below for a mock-up of this screen.

Structure tab small

An easier way to move, close and delete initiatives

The All-of-Business Landscape introduced in 8.0 makes it easy to see which initiatives need to be moved or removed altogether.  You’ll be able to move, close and delete initiatives on the Structure tab mentioned above. Where initiatives have child initiatives, a pop-up box will allow you to determine what to do with these.

Our tentative timeframe

We plan to have a preview version available in early May. Our tentative release date is Sunday 4 June.