Clearing your Java cache

If the Gantt chart does not work properly, try clearing your Java cache.

Your Java cache is a space on your PC where copies of the Java applets you use are saved. Problems sometimes occur after downloading a corrupted or faulty applet, or an i-lign upgrade may leave your previous applet slightly incompatible with the i-lign server. Clearing your Java cache deletes these saved copies and causes your browser to download a new copy next time.

Follow these steps to clear your Java cache:

  1. Close your internet browser application.
  2. Open the Java Control Panel (located in your computer's control panel).
  3. Under General > Temporary Internet Files, click the Delete Files button. The Delete Temporary Files dialog box will appear. Check all three options and click OK.
  4. Click OK on the Java Control Panel.

Note: If you are using Firefox as your internet browser, your Private Data must also be cleared. After clearing the Java cache, open your Firefox browser then go to Tools > Clear Private Data. Uncheck all items except for Cache, then click the Clear Private Data Now button. Close your browser then restart it again.