Constructing the Project Budget: Resources

i-lign offers four methods of estimating Project Resource expenses, which are listed below. (See Estimating Project Resource Expenses for their definitions.)

When your i-lign administrator configured i-lign for your organisation, they will have chosen one of the following methods as a default.

  • Task Resource Hours
  • Project Resource Estimates (including Category)
  • Project Resource Estimates, and
  • Project Resource Category Estimates.

If your organisation's default method doesn't suit your Project, click Project Functions (on the Project snapshot) > Add / Edit Financial Profile and select from the Preferred Resource Cost Calculation Method drop-down list.

Planned Costs for Projects

  • For Resources, monthly Planned costs for Projects are calculated using the estimation method selected for that Project (see the column to the left).

Planned Costs for Activities

  • Monthly Planned costs for Activities are calculated by multiplying each Resource's cost by the number of hours they are assigned to work on the Activity.
  • Based on their Timesheets (time recorded against Activities and Project Tasks), a monthly Actual cost is calculated for each Resource.
  • Time recorded in Timesheets for the current month and future months appears as 'Future Approved', whereas time recorded in past timesheets appear as 'Actual'.

Capex / Opex

Q: How do you get a Resource's costs to appear in the Quarterly and Yearly Summaries as Capital Expenditure (Capex)?

A: You must tag the Lifecycle Stage within which the Task's planned start date lies as 'Capitalise resource costs'. Or at a task level, you may change the option to 'Capitalise resource costs' to 'Yes, always' in the task edit screen.

Tag a Lifecycle Stage

  • On your Project's Snapshot tab, click Edit Lifecycle at the top right-hand corner.
  • Select Yes under Capitalise resource costs for those Stages in which you wish Resource costs to be tagged as Capex.

If Capex costs are not shown on Project Financials tabs, your i-lign Administrator may need to modify the Financial Lines Configuration.