Project Financials Guide

This series of articles will tell you how to see funding allocated to your Projects, create a Project budget, see the cost of Project Resources based on the Project's planned Tasks, and track actual costs and current forecasts against your initial budget.

i-lign's Project Financials feature allows you to:

  • allocate funds, create the budget, forecast costs and track actuals
  • track project costs against your organisation's chart of accounts
  • track resource costs, month by month, based on planned tasks and actual time recorded
  • see the projected final cost of the project (outturn), based on actuals and forecasts
  • identify and manage variances between allocated funds, budget and outturn
  • import financial information from a FMIS, and
  • see consolidated project costs for all projects in a Programme.

Accessing the Project Financials Tabs

Once you have added some financial items to your Project, you will see a Financial tab on the snapshot. It summarises your Project's financial details.

To access a Project's detailed Financials tabs, either

  • go to the Financial tab > Project Lifetime panel > click Project Lifespan or Monthly; or
  • if you are in a screen with a Project Shortcuts button, click it > Financials (Lifespan) or Financial Dashboard.

Project and Enterprise Financials

i-lign's Project Financials feature is designed to be used together with, but can be used independently of, its Enterprise Financials feature.

Project Managers in organisations that use the Enterprise Financials feature are able to plan their project budgets against enterprise-approved funding.