The Project Resource Planning List

The Project Resource Planning List consolidates planned Project and Resource information, from the current month and for the following eight months.

Project Resource Planning information can be accessed from the Project Resources view in each Programme or Team consolidated view.

For example in Programmes:

  1. Go to Jump To > Programme List > click on the name of the Programme in which you wish to plan Resources.
  2. Click the Programme Shortcuts button > Resources > the Project Resource Planning tab.

For the Programme selected, the Project Resource Planning List displays consolidated information on a month by month basis for:

  • Active Projects - The number of current Projects that have an active status.
  • Internal - People - The number of your organisation's people working on active projects.
  • External - Stakeholders - The number of external stakeholders linked to active projects.
  • Actual Resource Costs - The planned cost for all Actual Resources.
  • Planning Resource Costs - The planned cost for all Planning type Resources.
  • Total Resource Costs - The total planned costs for all Resources.
  • Cumulative Resource Costs - The cumulative cost of Resources since the start of report.