Using Priority Dimensions to Prioritise Projects and Concepts

Project Managers assigning priorities to Projects and Concepts will follow the process described on this page.

Security Permissions and Setup: Permissions for Prioritisation Dimensions and Project Security have to be defined before using the Prioritisation feature - refer to the Prioritisation and Investment Profile Configuration Workshop.

Note: You can assign Priorities for Concepts as well as Projects, but for simplicity's sake, we will refer throughout this tutorial to Projects only.

Step 1: Define the Value of the Project to each Dimension

  • To view a Project's Priority Dimensions and their Values, go to the Project's Value tab and look at the Project Priority panel on the left.
  • To edit the Priority Dimension's Values, and to see their Weights and Contributions, click Edit at the top right of the Project Priority panel. 
  • Click and drag the number boxes on Value continuums to increase or decrease the Project's Value to that Dimension.
  • After you click Save, the Project's ranking remains 'Pending' until confirmed by an authorised Approver.

    (Note: Concepts do not go through an Approval process. Before a Concept
    can be launched as a Project, it goes through an assessment process.)
  • Each time a selection is saved, a history of what was saved.

Step 2: Submit the Project Dimensions for Approval

Once you have assigned Values to each of the Dimensions, an Approver must confirm the selection for the Project to become officially ranked.

  • On the Edit Project screen, select an Approver > Request Approval.
  • If email notifications have been set to generate automatically, then an e-mail will be sent to the Approver to alert him or her that their confirmation is required.

Step 3: Confirm the Project Dimensions

On receipt of the email requesting Project Dimension Approval (or at the request of the submitter if emails are not set to generate automatically in i-lign), the Approver should:

  • Go to the Project requiring Approval > Value tab > click Edit in the Project Priority panel > Approve this Ranking.