When should I use a Task Pool?

Task-Pools are designed for one specific function: to manage overheads (eg Project Management) during a Project. A Task does not manage overheads so well.

Task-Pools can last for a long time (i.e. the length of a Project), but they are not designed to be used for 'long' Tasks as task pools cannot be constrained or used as Cross Project Dependancies.

To create a Task Pool

  • Open the Project, and click Add to Project > Task Pool. The New Task-Pool screen will display.
  • Enter the Task-Pool's Name.
  • Select an Associated Deliverable for the Task-Pool.
  • Enter a Planned start date.
  • Either enter a Planned end date, or select Run until the end of the project. When entering dates, ensure they are within the start and finish dates for the project.
  • In the Allocation Rates panel, select a Resource and enter the Allocation Rate. The default is 100%.
  • Click Save. The Task Pool will show in the Tasks tab on the Project's Work tab.