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Managing i-lign access

The attached notes explain how access to i-lign is managed in i-lign.

Configuration Workshop Papers

After your organisation has contracted to use i-lign, we'll begin the familiarisation and planning process with you. Prior to the Configuration Workshops, you need to prepare vital decisions that will determine how your business initially uses i-lign.

Setting Permissions for Using and Managing Timesheets

Anyone who needs to complete a Timesheet can view and edit their own. Permissions to approve, export and import Timesheets is determined in Business Configuration.

Setting Permissions to View, Modify and Approve Priorities

Users need the following permissions in order to assign and approve Priorities in i-lign. Your organisation's i-lign administrator will set up the permission to Approve projects, but the permissions to View and Modify Priorities can be limited or assigned on a project-by-project basis.

Setting Permissions to Create PDF & XLS Report templates

Users with the appropriate permissions can run and customise i-lign Programme and Project PDF & XLS Reports on an ad hoc basis, but only users who have the Configure Templates permission can make them available in the Saved Report Templates shared list.

Setting Up Permissions to Manage & Link Events and Meetings

Events are items like conferences, presentations or meetings. They can be linked to projects, portfolios and people and can all be viewed together on a calender.

Setting Up Stakeholder Permissions

Project Stakeholders are those groups or individuals who are either actively involved in a project, or who may be adversely or favourably affected by project activities.

Default Project Security Roles

To set or remove the permissions listed below, go to Jump To > Set-up & Configuration > Default Project Security Roles (in the Business Configuration column) > Actions.

Security Configuration Workshop

This Configuration Workshop paper is one of a series that we will work through with you in order to finalise the configuration of your populated database prior to training and roll-out.

Setting Permissions for Activities

Activities provide a rapid entry method to capture and manage short, simple pieces of work that don't require the full overhead of a project.

Setting Permissions to Access and Create Programme Reviews

This article for i-lign Administrators explains how to give users the ability to create, view, manage and delete Programme Reviews.