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Project Manager's Guide

Everything you need to know to get the best results from using i-lign.

User Briefing Workbook: Best Practice for Setting Up Projects

This easy-to-follow workbook is a must-read for anyone who wants to get the most of out i-lign.

Parent / Child Project Financials

*Applies to i-lign versions 4 - 7.1

Aggregated financial information can be displayed in the Project Financials of a Parent Project.


A meeting feature has been added to i-lign 5.0.0 and extended in 5.1.0, building on the events feature already in i-lign.

From a programme, project or from the main launch menu (with the appropriate organisation level security),i-lign users can

What's the difference between an Activity and a Project?

An Activity is not part of a Project. It is one of those vital pieces of work that happens outside of any Projects. However, it may be grouped with other work under a Programme.

The Project Resource Planning List

The Project Resource Planning List consolidates planned Project and Resource information, from the current month and for the following eight months.

Project Resource Planning information can be accessed from the Project Resources view in each Programme or Team consolidated view.

For example in Programmes:

Managing Stakeholders

This article explains what a Stakeholder is, how to create an External Stakeholder, how to assign a Stakeholder to a Project or Programme, and how to manage Stakeholder interventions.

Generate a PDF Report from a Template

A Programme PDF Report collects information from a selected Programme and its sub-Programmes. Many subreports also collect information about the projects contained within these programmes. Reports can be run using a predefined template or can be customised and run on an ad hoc basis.

When should I use the Parent-Child Project feature?

In the New Project screen, the Parent Project panel allows you to select a Project that your Project is a 'Child' of.

Setting Permissions to Access and Create Programme Reviews

This article for i-lign Administrators explains how to give users the ability to create, view, manage and delete Programme Reviews.