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Running i-lign In-house

If your company decides to host i-lign inhouse, you may find the following articles useful. They describe the process for installation by the i-lign team, and for self-installation, as well as the technical requirements.

System Requirements

The system requirements for servers are only applicable if you are hosting the i-lign server yourself. Please see our Knowledge Base article on Running i-lign In-house for more details.

For externally hosted deployments, only the client requirements apply.

i-lign 8 Client Requirements (for all deployments)

i-lign is a web-based application and users only require a supported web browser to use most of the features.

Recommended Browsers

These are the browsers we support and recommend for the best experience using i-lign:

Restoring Databases

Restoring a previously hosted database.

Denormalised Reporting Tables

In addition to the standard live tables in the i-lign database, customers with inhouse installations of i-lign have access to summary tables.

How do I send our support log files and database to i-lign?

Occasionally, the i-lign Support Team will need files from your i-lign installation to help diagnose a problem you might be having.

How can I find out technical information about my i-lign instance?

The System Info page tells you about the i-lign application server, including detailed performance monitoring statistics.

Upload a database through the i-lign website

Database files that are 45MB or less can be uploaded through the i-lign website.