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Project Security Guide

Default Project Security Roles are configured by your organisation during implementation. On an individual Project level, individuals with the appropriate permissions (e.g. project managers) can manage role permissions for the individuals assigned to their Project, and for 'guests' to the Project.

Hosting and Security Briefing

i-lign is contracted to provide seamless, consistent and ongoing security of your data. This document outlines the hosting arrangements that i-lign uses, and the security that supports that hosting.

Managing 'Guest' Access to Projects

Everyone who uses i-lign in your organisation is given automatic 'Guest' access to your Project until you choose another role for them. Sometimes your organisation may need to secure sensitive projects from general view.

Restricting Project Access

There may be individuals in your organisation (e.g. contractors) who should only see Projects to which they're assigned. You can quickly make this so.

Setting up new users in i-lign

To create new users in i-lign, go to Launch > New Resource

Minimum requirements are Resource Type, Display name, Default calendar, Security Role, User Name and initial password. All other fields are optional and can be updated after the person is set up.

For consistency, we recommend user names follow the same convention as your network logins.

For a description of what functionality each resource type can access, go to Jump To > Set-up & Configuration > Resource Type.


A meeting feature has been added to i-lign 5.0.0 and extended in 5.1.0, building on the events feature already in i-lign.

From a programme, project or from the main launch menu (with the appropriate organisation level security),i-lign users can

How do I change my User Settings?

You can access and change your password, calendar, i-lign 'skin' and other preferences at any time.