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Using Your Timesheet Tab

This article tells you how to enter and edit information on your Timesheet, how to add other work items and overheads (such as annual leave), and how to submit your Timesheet for approval and recall it.

User Briefing Workbook: Best Practice for Setting Up Projects

This easy-to-follow workbook is a must-read for anyone who wants to get the most of out i-lign.

Homepage & Timesheet Visual Cheat Sheet

A Cheat Sheet to help you get the best out of your Homepage and Timesheet. Especially useful for new i-lign users.

Timesheet Management Guide

This guide has been written for people who administer i-lign Timesheets in their organisation.

Which events generate notifications & emails?

A list of events that generate notifications & emails, and reasons why you may not be receiving them.

How do I set timesheet rows for company meetings & leave

Overhead tasks can be used to allocate a percentage of a Resource's time against company wide activities or leave for a specified time period.

How are Timesheets Pre-Populated?

When you access a Timesheet for the first time, it is populated with the Tasks, Projects and Activities to which you're assigned in that week. When you return to that Timesheet, it will display its original population. However, you can reset a Timesheet by clicking the Replace All button.

Exporting Timesheets

Users with the appropriate permissions can export approved Timesheets to several accounting system formats.

Resource Types Overview

The 'Resource Type' assigned defines the overall operations that can be used by or be applied to that resource.

Managing and Approving Timesheets

To manage, review and approve Timesheets, go to your My Work tab (Home > My Work) and scroll down the tabs to Timesheets to review > click Manage.