Business Management Software

i-lign is software for unifying the management of your business at all levels. It provides visibility across strategies, programs and portfolios, projects, resourcing, risks and more. Everything is brought together into a single framework.

Getting up and running is quick and easy. i-lign is ready to populate and start using right away.


Ensure that investment in work initiatives is providing value to your business. Initiatives are aligned with your strategic goals. By evaluating and prioritizing your work early on you prevent resources being wasted on doing the wrong projects.

Gain visibility across all your programs and project portfolios so that you can track how proposed benefits match up with reality.


Plan and manage the delivery of your programs, projects and business as usual work with minimal overhead. Identify resourcing requirements and assign work. Track actual completion and costs against the planned schedule.

No more time wasted updating and circulating project status reports. Reports are automatically created from the latest data and available online.


Increase engagement with people right across your business and their work. Discussions can be created and decisions recorded in context anywhere within i-lign.

Ideas can be created and recorded by anyone and be developed into new work initiatives.


Be secure in the knowledge that any issues will be able to be identified and rectified early before becoming problems. Gain traceability and oversight into all work so you can be assured that the proper processes are being followed.