i-lign 5.2.0

Release date: 
27 February 2012
Release anouncements: 

Routine release with new 'one-page project' and 'quick add to project' improvements, and a number of bug fixes.

i-lign 5.2.0


  • [PW-6297] - Add a simplified, one-page view of Projects
  • [PW-6320] - Add a quick link to Project People tab to assign a Resource who is already involved in the Project somehow (e.g. owns a Risk, assigned to a Decision)

Bugs Fixed

  • [PW-4682] - Downloading data from the reporting tables fails when referenced data has been removed from the database
  • [PW-6113] - Deleting a Summary Task causes the 'Project Task & Milestone Extract' report to fail with a system error
  • [PW-6241] - Launching a new organisation broadcast creates a conversation tab to any page which is current.
  • [PW-6316] - Owner names are not displayed on the organisation action work load
  • [PW-6318] - A system error is generated when the idea details page is refreshed/idea is edited and another user attempts to delete the same idea


  • [PW-6344] - Resource blurb on people tab of the Project Summary now says '1 hour' instead of '1 hours' when exactly one hour of effort has been recorded.